Tuesday, March 9, 2010

About The Teacher

Master Ng has been a successful businessman in his own rights. He has successfully brought up his family and now dwell in Metaphysics to share his elixir of well beings with those who has affinity with him. Although he shuns publicity and lime lights, his audiences had reached far and wide, from Penang to Singapore and Indonesia. He kept his usual business ongoing while he doubled up his time as a metaphysics consultant in both his home town in Rembau to major City of KL. It is indeed a very rare occasions of seeing Master Ng conducting workshops especially in his favorite pet subject of BaZi, destiny analysis., as he has spent a fortune in resource and time to gain expertise in this area, sometimes with great sacrifices to be made. It is through a series of persuasion and his commitment to groom future practitioners and helping up in the establishment of a local Daoist temple, sees him conducting such a workshop for the benefits of all.


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