Monday, November 29, 2010

A Note From The Master ...

 Dear Students,

Thank you for investing your time and resources with us in the currently concluded workshop. It is my honor to show you the TRUE application of BaZi beyond methods that were currently available elsewhere. During the proceedings of the workshop I realized that students who joint us is coming from a wide spectrum of backgrounds, some are beginners and some are already practitioners in their own rights. Both will find that my approach to BaZi is different and the manner of which the chart is “peeled” open is throughout. As I am happy to know that my earlier students have shown remarkable improvement in their BaZi readings, their attendance this time proved to be even greater value as they are able to see more things from the chart.

However during my class especially on the first day, I was carried away and drew into “advance” mode of my teaching due to the enthusiasms of my students and the newcomers who had already professed some fundamental knowledge of BaZi. Thus, I had requested my associates to assist the beginners to beef up the fundamentals before the second day and I was told they made the revision up to the wee hours of the night. For that, I am greatly in appreciation for the effort shown. From the nature of the questions put forth, it made me realized as to why some students who has studied these subjects are not able to read a chart. It is not that the theory that they are lacking, but the real applications of reading the chart. For such that is the purpose of this workshop and we hope that all the students will continue to progress and to keep practicing.

I would like to remind all my students that they should REFRAIN from discussing my methods of reading BaZi as well as the reading of the sample charts to anyone who have not attended this workshop as I had stressed that what has been discussed shall only be remained within the four walls of the seminar room. As myself as a practicing Daoist has pledged my vow and it is under heaven’s purview that such skills are only for my students’ own use, not to be shared. My associates and I do not wish to be associated to any Karmic Debts resulting in and from the misuse of this knowledge I have shared, by my students at large. Saying thus, I do not wish my students to walk the path of Darkness. If there is ever a need for help, I would advise them to try out the workshop for themselves personally. This is a better way to get things sorted out. If privacy is of the concerns, my associates and I would personally look into it. From the account of my experience, nothing would match what has been transpired in the workshop.

We are looking into a better way for us to react with students via the internet. If there are any questions I would like the students to try to answer them first and by doing so, I am able to gauge the students understanding of the situation before the answer is provided. I noticed that it is very common for students to just drop short at the strength of the chart and what is positive and negative without any attempt to go deeper. This is always the road block. I will from time to time, pose a question via our forum and all my students are encouraged to participate. Students will be sent an invitation into the private blog soon. If there is any privacy issue on reading charts, drop me a mail.

My associates and I have been discussing of revamping the future workshop, taking into considerations of more hands on applications of BaZi and perhaps with FengShui as well. As demonstrated, FengShui application in the perspective of BaZi is not as simple as activating the East sector if one is in needs of wood in the chart! Not so simple. This is one reason we ought to understand BaZi well before we even attempt to do FengShui.

We thank you for your kind understanding and consideration shown during the workshop and if there is any loose ends, wrong choice of words and shortcomings from my side or from my associates, especially when they are drunken with good choice of food during dinner, my apology to you. More importantly, practice the art of BaZi with confidence and integrity. Nobility, wealth and longevity will always be with you.

Thank you,

Master Ng Chek Chiam


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